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 Bella Swan

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Bella Marie Swan

Bella Marie Swan

Cantidad de envíos : 18
Fecha de inscripción : 28/01/2010
Edad : 27
Localización : forks, Washington

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MensajeTema: Bella Swan   Bella Swan Icon_minitimeVie Ene 29, 2010 4:17 am

Nombre: Isabella Marie

Apellidos: Swan

familia: Swan

edad: 17

descripcion fisica o foto en spoiler:

descripcion psicologica: gentle, shy, intelligent, sweet and affectionate

hobbies: read, learn new things, the animals, study, sing and swim

gustos: nature, animals, everything ...

odios: talk behind my back and the bad people

manias: when I'm nervous I bite my bottom lip ...

lugar de residencia: Forks, washington

historia: I lived with my mom in Phoenix, but she returned to marry a baseball player, and traveled a lot, and she had to stay with me and that's not to happy, so I decided to live with my dad for time, and although I'm not very at ease here in forks, is that she is happy and so I'm happy too, I think ...[/color]
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Elizabeth Swan

Elizabeth Swan

Cantidad de envíos : 88
Fecha de inscripción : 27/08/2009

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MensajeTema: Re: Bella Swan   Bella Swan Icon_minitimeDom Ene 31, 2010 11:11 pm

Perdona pero nos encontramos como un siglo antes de que bella exista :S
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Bella Swan
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